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What Are Polycarbonate Sheets Used For?

What Are Polycarbonate Sheets Used For?

Polycarbonate sheets are flat panels made from a synthetic resin that is known for its ability to be easily shaped and molded. Polycarbonate sheets are produced in multi-wall and solid constructions, and the material itself is translucent, lightweight, and extremely durable. Polycarbonate is 250 times stronger than glass and 30 times stronger than acrylic. Because of these properties in relation to its relative affordability, polycarbonate sheets are popular for a wide range of uses, including:


Polycarbonate sheets are ideal for roofing because they are lightweight and offer excellent light transmission. Multiwall sheets can provide additional insulating properties and solid sheets can offer extra durability for high impact or heavy snow. They are also easily installed using simple hardware designed to readily fit the size of the panel.


Polycarbonate sheets are weatherproof and can be thoroughly sealed to prevent moisture from entering around the perimeter. They allow a high degree of light and can be produced in a number of colors to create a unique lighting experience.


The internal structure of a multi-wall polycarbonate panel provides excellent heat retention to get seedlings started ahead of the outdoor growing season.

Pool Enclosures

The material is easily shaped to create a distinctive space for a swimming pool that feels like an outdoor setting but offers the security, protection, and climate control of an indoor space.

Sound Walls/Acoustic Barriers

Thick solid polycarbonate panels can create an effective sound barrier from noisy adjoining areas or outdoor sources of sound.

Curtain Walls

Panels can form non-structural exterior walls that allow full light penetration from outside while still protecting people and objects from the elements outside.


The variety of colors and structures can be used to create aesthetically pleasing yet durable exterior finishes.

Interior Design

Architects and interior designers bring the color and structure of polycarbonate sheets indoors to accent special areas and create distinctive spaces using light and pattern.

Polycarbonate sheets are available in a variety of structures, colors, and thicknesses to give you complete freedom to control both the function and aesthetic of your design. To view all of our options, visit

For advice on which type of polycarbonate is best for your application, contact Ug Plast at 717-356-2448 or to get connected to a distributor near you.

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