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Polycarbonate And Light Transmission

Polycarbonate and Light Transmission

From greenhouses to pool enclosures, if you’re growing plants or simply enjoy natural lighting, you’ll want to consider polycarbonate for its light transmitting properties and many other benefits. Polycarbonate material is a popular alternative to glass because it offers a high amount of light transmission, but it’s much lighter weight, less expensive, and significantly more durable and impact-resistant than glass.

Both solid polycarbonate and multiwall polycarbonate offer a clear, glasslike quality that can provide optimal growing conditions for greenhouses and desirable natural lighting conditions for other applications. Polycarbonate is capable of transmitting light within the 80 to 90 percent range, which is sufficient for greenhouses. Compared to glass, the lighter weight of polycarbonate allows more total light to enter the greenhouse. Less framing is required to hold the polycarbonate in place.  As a result, more of the greenhouse structure allows light to pass through to the plants.

Use in greenhouses

Polycarbonate material can also be treated with a UV coating. Color can also be added to control the amount of light transmission and regulate light diffusion. This is an advantage for greenhouse growers, as diffused light reaches the plant more evenly. This even distribution promotes more consistent plant growth and avoids hot spots caused by direct sunlight at certain times of the day. Hot spots concentrate light, and therefore heat, and can damage plants by burning them. Light diffusion also reduces shadowing on plants. Shadowing refers to areas of the plant that aren’t getting enough light at certain times of the day, which can lead to slower growth rates or inconsistent growth patterns. Having control over the amount of light transmission and diffusion allows growers to better manage light conditions. This control creates the perfect environment for the specific types of plants they are growing.

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Polycarbonate Advantages

Clear, glasslike appearance
Less expensive than glass
High impact resistance
80% to 90% light transmission
UV coating and color options
Provides light diffusion
Reduces hot spots and shadowing
Less framing for more light

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