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Corrugated Plastic For Construction And Packaging Applications

Corrugated Plastic for Construction and Packaging Applications

Corrugated plastic, or corrugated polypropylene as it’s sometimes called, is most commonly known for its exceptional performance as sign material. But this inexpensive, lightweight, and durable product is also very popular in construction and packaging industries, where its plastic properties offer valuable protection. How and where is corrugated plastic used in construction and packaging? Here are some common uses within each industry.

Construction. Construction sites involve the heavy foot traffic of workers and their equipment moving about. This activity is ok when the work is going on outside, but once the work moves inside where new floors, walls, windows, and doors are being installed, these elements can get damaged if they aren’t properly protected. Corrugated plastic provides construction crews with an easy and inexpensive way to protect the valuable interiors of their projects. Crews use the polypropylene sheets to create high-traffic walkways throughout the space and protect the new flooring underneath. Plastic sheets are also placed over walls or wrapped around windows and doors to protect them from incidental contact by workers or equipment in the immediate area. The channels or “flutes” in a sheet of corrugated plastic act as a light-duty shock absorber, so glass and other more delicate materials are less likely to get broken. And once the project is complete, the sheets can be easily stacked and stored for the next project, or they can be recycled at a local facility.

Packaging. Corrugated plastic is used for all kinds of packaging needs and can frequently be found as the material of choice in manufacturing and industrial environments. Smaller sheets are placed between products to protect them inside a single package, and larger sheets are placed between layers of products such as glass bottles when assembling pallets for shipment or storage. As noted in the construction applications above, the flutes between the corrugated polypropylene layers provide a shock-absorbing cushion that can help protect packaged items from damage or breaking. Because the plastic sheets are lightweight, they are easy for personnel or automated equipment to place, and they can be stored and reused from one container or pallet to another. They can also be recycled.

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