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Choosing The Right Multi-Wall Polycarbonate Supplier For Your Commercial Greenhouse Project

Choosing the Right Multi-Wall Polycarbonate Supplier for Your Commercial Greenhouse Project

Multi-wall polycarbonate is easy to cut, shape, and install, and it can effectively provide your commercial greenhouse plants with the light and temperature they need to grow. If you’ve read our blog on the benefits of using multi-wall polycarbonate for commercial greenhouses, then you already know light transmission, heat retention, and durability are just a few of the many advantages of using this material. What you might not know is that the supplier of your product can also add to these benefits, and choosing the right supplier will not only offer you more color and size options but also put the product in your hands faster.

What should your supplier be delivering in addition to product? Here’s a list of all the advantages a good supplier can offer.

Fast delivery. You shouldn’t have to wait weeks to get your greenhouse project started. A dependable supplier keeps plenty of product on hand and can fill and ship orders within a few days of receipt, which means you can get started sooner.

Color choices. Want to add a pop of color to a wall, door, or roof panel of your greenhouse? Choose a supplier that knows color counts and offers choices that suit your design ideas.

A strong warranty. A long warranty is usually a good indication that the product your purchasing was meant to last. Make sure your multi-wall polycarbonate has a 10 year warranty.

UV protection standard. Some suppliers charge extra for UV protection, but UV protection isn’t really an option if you want your greenhouse to last. Make sure your price includes UV protection and that you’re not paying extra for something that should be standard.

Cut to size. One size never fits all, and designing and constructing a commercial greenhouse is significantly simplified when the materials you’re using are already cut to the size you need. Cutting to size also produces less waste. A good supplier will offer this service.

Recycling support. Polycarbonate is a recyclable material, so there’s no need for trimmings and leftovers to go in the trash. Find a supplier that offers recycling options to give your waste or unwanted materials a second life.

Multi-wall polycarbonate is a popular choice for greenhouses because of its many design- and install-friendly properties, but you can get even more benefits when you choose the right supplier. If you’re looking for a polycarbonate supplier for your commercial greenhouse project, contact Ug Plast at 717-356-2448 or to discuss your project’s needs and get connected to a distributor near you.

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