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Multi Wall Polycarbonate
Multi-Wall Polycarbonate Detail

Protect Your Warranty

To protect your warranty, all Ug Plast multi-wall polycarbonate products must be properly installed and maintained according to the Installation and Care Instructions below.  Failure to follow these instructions voids the warranty.

Multi-Wall Polycarbonate Installation and Care Instructions

UV Protection -Protective Film
This side is UV protected and must be installed outside (face-up and outward). The protective film must be removed immediately after installation of the sheet. The removal of the protective film becomes more difficult after prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.

Site & Labor Safety
Do not step directly on the multi-wall polycarbonate sheet. A temporary wooden beam or other device supported by the roof members should always be used. Follow labor safety regulations!

The multi-wall polycarbonate sheets can be cleaned by gently washing with a neutral solution of mild soap and lukewarm water. Do not clean with a rough cloth or abrasive chemicals that are not compatible with the polycarbonate material.

The multi-wall polycarbonate sheets can be cold-curved. Follow the minimum curving radii from the table below.

Sheet thickness (mm – inches)4 – 5/326 – 1/48 – 5/1610 – 3/816 – 5/8
Minimum radius (mm – inches)700 – 281050 – 411400 – 551750 – 692800 – 110

Distance of Glazing Profiles
The following table indicates the maximum allowable distance from center to center of the glazing profiles for the load of 75 Kg/m2, which results in an acceptable sheet deflection behavior without the risk of sheet buckling or pop-out effect.

Sheet thickness (mm – inches)6 – 1/48 – 5/1610 – 3/816 – 5/8
Maximum distance (mm – inches)420 – 16525 – 20700 – 27850 – 33

Multi-wall polycarbonate sheets must be mounted with the ribs running vertically. The top channels of the sheets must be sealed with an impermeable tape and the bottom end channels must be sealed with venting tape.

Thermal Expansion Allowance
The multi-wall polycarbonate sheet must be trimmed to allow thermal expansion of 0,065 mm/m ◦C.

Holes can be drilled using standard drills for metal. The hole must always be larger than the screw in order to allow inherent thermal expansion or contraction.

Sawing & Cutting
Multi-wall polycarbonate sheets can be cut with standard workshop equipment. This includes common circular saw, hand, and hacksaws. Circular saws should have fine-toothed panel blades. After sawing, the channels of the sheets should be cleaned with compressed air.

The multi-wall polycarbonate sheets should be stored on a dry, horizontal, flat surface. The sheets should be protected against direct exposure to sun, rain, and wind.

If necessary, consult the recommendations and installation instructions in the product data sheet or contact the distributor of the multi-wall polycarbonate sheet.

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Ug Plast only fulfills samples requests made by distributors. Please contact your local distributor for assistance.

Multi-Wall Polycarbonate Sample Kit
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