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Why You Should Use Corrugated Polypropylene To Advertise Your Next Outdoor Event

Why You Should Use Corrugated Polypropylene to Advertise Your Next Outdoor Event

Corrugated polypropylene, also known as corrugated plastic, can be a fantastic option when it comes to advertising in any conditions. The material is both durable and flexible, making it ideal for advertising outdoor events. Corrugated polypropylene also accepts inks easily, which allows for custom printing. With corrugated plastic, you get personalization and durability. Easily customize signs that you know will last while outside and let plenty of people know about your upcoming event.

What are the benefits?

It holds up well

If you’re going to be advertising outside or using signs at the outdoor event, you need something that holds up well against any type of weather. You do not have to worry about replacing signs made out of corrugated polypropylene as a result of prolonged exposure to moisture. You also don’t need to worry about color fading for signs that have been outside for long periods of time. Corrugated plastic signs can withstand extreme temperature changes and pests avoid damaging this type of material because of its makeup and durability.

The material is also fairly rigid, so it will not warp or change shape while being outside. Corrugated plastic is also lightweight, even with its durability, which makes it easy to transport as compared to acrylic or aluminum materials.


Advertising outdoors means you want something that people pay attention to when passing by. Corrugated polypropylene comes in a variety of bright, vibrant colors that you can choose to best fit the theme of your event. It’s also incredibly easy to print onto corrugated polypropylene. The polypropylene surface holds up well against direct sunlight and will not fade. If it gets dirty, you can easily clean it with mild soap and water and still see the vivid colors. 

Can be recycled

For a while, there were many types of plastic that could not be recycled or reused. Luckily, corrugated plastic can be melted and reused for new signs or other products once you’re done with it. Many local recycling centers handle the process, though some manufacturers will buy the materials back.

If you’re looking for a corrugated plastic supplier for your next sign project, contact Ug Plast at 717-356-2448 or to get connected to a distributor near you.

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