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Why You Should Choose Corrugated Plastic For Signs

Why You Should Choose Corrugated Plastic for Signs

Corrugated plastic, sometimes more specifically called corrugated polypropylene, is considered by many to be an ideal material for making signs and has been used on just about every possible sign application you can think of, including campaign signs, for sale signs, event signs, directional signs, parking signs, real estate signs, and product displays. What makes this material so great for sign making? Here are four of the most commonly cited reasons for choosing corrugated plastic over other sign materials.

  1. Corrugated plastic is durable. Because of its chemical makeup, this material can stand up to outdoor conditions and can tolerate exposure to wind, rain, snow, and ice without degrading. It can also tolerate extreme changes in temperature, and it does not invite insect, rodent, or pest damage. Its double-layer design is pliable and can easily be cut, bent, or shaped using common tools without cracking, tearing, or breaking.
  2. Corrugated plastic is lightweight. Compared to aluminum, acrylic, or paper-based materials used in sign making, corrugated plastic is significantly lighter. That makes it easier to ship, transport, hang, and display without a big investment in hardware or supports. Corrugated plastic signs can be displayed using simple hooks or grommets or H-stakes can be inserted into the channels between the two layers of the material.
  3. Corrugated plastic is highly printable. The polypropylene surface readily lends itself to the printing process, and it can provide a bright white surface that adds additional pop when color is applied. Corrugated plastic also comes in a variety of colors that hold up well against the fading effects of direct sunlight, and the surface is simple to clean and easily wipes down with a mild soap and water.
  4. Corrugated plastic is inexpensive. In addition to being relatively affordable compared to other signage materials, corrugated plastic is 100% recyclable, and buyback or recycling programs are often available for products once they’ve reached the end of their lifecycle.

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