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7 Things Distributors Should Do Before Choosing A Polycarbonate Manufacturer

7 Things Distributors Should Do Before Choosing a Polycarbonate Manufacturer

Solid polycarbonate and multi-wall polycarbonate are ubiquitous materials that are ideal for a wide range of construction and architectural applications. From roofing and glazing to skylights and greenhouses, the thermal insulating and light transmitting properties of polycarbonate make it a strong, durable material that’s always in high demand, and generally speaking, the quality of the material is fairly consistent from one manufacturer to the next. With so many similarities, it’s important to understand the differences among polycarbonate manufacturers, so you can choose the best partner for you and your customers’ needs.

Here are seven things distributors should do before choosing a polycarbonate manufacturer.

  1. Request samples. While product quality is fairly consistent, you should never assume that all polycarbonate is the same. Reputable manufacturers will provide samples upon request, so be sure to ask for some. They should also be willing to provide additional samples for your sales people to show to clients.
  2. Look at location. Products are shipped all over the world, but weather incidents, political events, and other scenarios can easily interrupt the flow from overseas. Finding a manufacturer closer to home will give you a little extra protection from unforeseen events that can prevent you from getting your product.
  3. Ask about delivery time. A great price isn’t really great if you have to wait weeks to get your products. You also don’t want to get bumped to the back of the queue if your order is smaller than another customer’s order. Find out how orders and shipping are handled before you shake hands.
  4. Know what’s in stock. Manufacturers that carry more colors in stock are typically able to fill orders faster. Plus, the more polycarbonate colors or structures a manufacturer has in stock, the more choices you can offer your customers and the quicker you can deliver what they need.
  5. Make sure UV coating is included. When a manufacturer uses the words “general purpose” or “standard grade,” these terms can sometimes refer to materials that do not have a UV coating, and you could end up paying extra for something you thought was included.
  6. Watch the warranty. Manufacturers’ warranties are not all the same. The longer the warranty, the better, but you should also take a close look at the conditions of the warranty.
  7. Get services, too. Cut-to-size service is a great cost and time saver for your customers. If the manufacturer provides it, it’s one more way for you to add value to the sale. Recycling and buyback services are also added benefits that can help you close the deal.

To deliver the best experience to your customers, you need a manufacturer that not only provides high quality products but also backs them up with great service. To learn more about what Ug Plast has to offer, call 717-356-2448 or visit

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