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Become a Ug Plast Distributor

Becoming a Ug Plast distributor means you’ll be able to supply your customers with high quality polycarbonate and polypropylene sheets with all of the great features of these materials PLUS the added benefits of Ug Plast’s easy ordering and speedy delivery. Better products, better warranties, faster delivery—all at highly competitive price. Ug Plast also fully supports its dealers with strategic marketing and sales tools that make it easy for you to communicate all of the benefits of our products to your customers.

As a Ug Plast distributor, you’ll enjoy…

  • access to 12 in-stock product colors ready for delivery.
  • standard and cut-to-size options.
  • polycarbonate UV protection standard at a price that is competitive with general purpose, non-UV prices.
  • some of the best product warranties in the industry.
  • 3 to 4 business day shipping so you can deliver products in days, not weeks.
  • buyback and recycling options.

Ready to get started? Give us a call and take your first step toward joining the Ug Plast team. Contact Artem Petrovsky, CEO at or 717-356-2448.

Our complete sample kit is only a click away!
Ug Plast only fulfills samples requests made by distributors. Please contact your local distributor for assistance.

Multi-Wall Polycarbonate Sample Kit
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