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Applications Of Corrugated Plastic

Applications of Corrugated Plastic

Corrugated plastic is a thermoplastic polymer that is ideal for any application that requires an inexpensive, durable, flexible material. Because of its chemical composition and double-layer design, sheets are pliable and can be cut, bent, or shaped using common tools. This material can resist damage caused by extreme indoor or outdoor temperatures and can tolerate exposure to everyday chemicals and solvents commonly used in industrial or construction environments. It also offers a highly printable surface capable of displaying bright colors, and it requires no special printing equipment. It’s extremely lightweight, which reduces shipping and handling costs, and is naturally shock absorbent, so it makes an excellent packing material.

For additional durability and extended product life, corrugated plastic can include flame resistance, UV protection, and lamination. The material can last up to one year outdoors before showing signs of wear, standing up to sun, rain, wind, snow, and general handling without breaking down. This material is also popular because it resists insects, rodents, and similar damaging pests. The surface is simple to clean and easily wipes down with a mild soap and water. It can be displayed using hooks or grommets and stakes and wire-mounted frames are easily inserted into the channels between the two layers of the material. Lastly, corrugated plastic is 100% recyclable, and recycling can be arranged through your supplier or local recycling facility.

Common applications include:

Signs and displays. Campaign signs, for sale signs, event signs, directional signs, parking signs, real estate signs, product displays—just about any indoor or outdoor signage or display need can be met with this material. It’s inexpensive, lightweight, and provides a readily printable surface.

Construction. This material is a popular material for construction sites and is used to temporarily protect floors from heavy foot traffic and equipment. It is also used on walls, corners, or any surfaces that require protection from incidental or accidental contact during active construction.

Packaging. Corrugated plastic can be formed into boxes, totes, and other useful shapes, creating reusable containers for shipping, transporting, storing, and more.

Industrial pallet padding. Durability and shock absorption make these sheets a popular material to place between layers of products on pallets to protect products from damage during transport or shipping.

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