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4 Tips For Cutting Polypropylene Sheets

4 Tips for Cutting Polypropylene Sheets

Polypropylene is a highly versatile material that can be molded into a variety of shapes.

Many items use polypropylene as their base, such as packaging trays, glass protection, storage containers, household products, medical devices, signs, and many other simple products.

While polypropylene is sturdy and can be used for a lot of purposes, it can also be challenging to cut if you do not have adequate knowledge or experience. If you’re working with polypropylene sheets, make sure you have the proper equipment to manage working with the material.

Know what equipment to use

In order to cut polypropylene, the best tip is to know what equipment to use. Cutting polypropylene sheets using a CNC router machine is possible and you’ll see the best results when using a spiral O-flute bit. Manage this machine carefully to avoid melting. You can also cut the sheets with a CO2 laser.

Monitor your settings 

The biggest mistake people make when cutting polypropylene sheets is not using the correct percentages for feeds and speeds as they run the sheets through whatever device is used to cut them. They’re going to vary depending on the thickness of the polypropylene sheet, but a general rule is to start with a slower speed and work up.

Always follow any directions you receive from the manufacturer of the sheet and the equipment you’ll be using.

Avoid burn marks 

A common issue people experience when working with and cutting polypropylene, especially with lasers, is that the plastic often retains burn marks from the process. A good method for avoiding these marks is using transfer tape while cutting to minimize any possible burn marks.

Keep it supported

When cutting the polypropylene sheet, keep it properly supported. It’ll be easier to avoid warping or lines that are not straight if the sheet is well supported and handled appropriately.

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